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A Matchless Source Of Entertainment



The best quality in the entertaiment business

Quality planning

Step by step La Familia Entertainment will help you plan your unforgettable event.

Highly skilled performers

La Familia Entertainment performers are trained to give you a performance of a lifetime and keep your event full of energy from start to finish.

Great Track Record

La Familia Entertainment has a strong reputation for going above and beyond with there events, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere for everyone involved.

Diverse Cultures

La Familia Entertainment understands we all come from different backgrounds which is why they are to adapt to a variety of cultures.


La Familia Entertainment is your one-stop-shop for your entertainment needs.


La Familia Entertainment is known across South Florida for hosting the most electrifying school events like pep rallies, proms, and more.

La Familia Entertainment nightlife events are for those who like to turn up, get lit, and party.

La Familia Entertainment - LFE Miami Baby Shower

Celebrate the delivery or expected birth of your child with a baby shower filled with emotion, fun, gift-giving and more La Familia Entertainment has the resources to help you create joyful memories.

La Familia Entertainment - LFE Miami Birthday Party

Your birthday party should be unique to you and La Familia Entertainment has everything you’re looking for when celebrating your special day.

La Familia Entertainment - LFE Miami Wedding

La Familia Entertainment understands all the moving parts involved in wedding planning so we are dedicated to making your entertainment choice as easy as possible. Giving you the ability to choose the type of music you would like your guest to hear throughout your magnificent event.

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